What We're Doing

Eco-conscious businesses will become leaders in the future as sustainability becomes a defining feature of success. Here at The Alley we put thought into the way we buy our garments and how we package them. Our goal in our first twelve months of operation is to neutralize our carbon footprint. 



How frustrating is it to receive an online order and have half the package be wasteful packaging? We will always send your order in a box that's a snug fit and it will either be wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper, or in dead stock fabric that can be re-used in your home. At time of launch we are using USPS packaging made from post-consumer material which can be reused many times over. We will soon switch to 100% Recycled poly mailers. You will also find in your package a hand written note on 100% recycled card stock with embedded wildflower seeds. You can take these cards to any plot of dirt, bury it, water it, and watch flowers grow.



Another aspect of online ordering that increases your footprint is the amount of fuel used to transport packages worldwide. Unfortunately, there is not an easy fix to this problem. We are doing our part by offering in-person pickup for anyone in or near NYC. Instead of the work and fuel that goes into sending a package to another neighborhood, you can join us for a coffee and avoid shipping costs!


Clothing Care

Two-thirds of a garment's environmental impact occurs after purchase. We want to give you the power to take care of your clothes sustainably and make them last as long as possible! Click here for more information.


Closing the Loop

Our current industry can be described as linear. An item is produced, sold at a store, bought by a consumer, and then thrown away once they are "done" with it. This means that items have a relatively short lifespan. We are joining the movement of retailers and producers who want to create a circular use industry, effectively "closing the loop". In a circular use industry the same item's lifecycle would look like this: an item is produced, sold at a store, bought by a consumer, and is recycled, upcycled, or reused when the first consumer is "done" with it, thus restarting it's cycle with a new owner.

All of our pieces are starting on their next phase of life. Our items are vintage, deadstock, and/or preworn and were discarded in one way or another by their original owner. We fix any flaws, naturally remove any stains, and send the garments back out into the world to be enjoyed again. We strongly encourage all of our customers to consider changing their buying habits and shop by the mantra that "Loved Clothes Last".



We will be hosting Sip & Swap events to make it as easy as possible for you to give your clothes another life. All attendees will be asked to go through their wardrobes and pick out pieces they no longer wear or want, and bring them to swap for items other attendees brought. Anything that is unclaimed by the end of the night will either be donated to Housing Works or recycled with Wearable Collections depending on the condition of the garment. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and/or sign up for our mailing list to be alerted to when these events will take place.



Is there something more we can do that we haven't thought of? Shoot us an e-mail at hello@thealley.shop or fill out the form here to let us know!


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