Care Instructions

⅔ of clothing’s carbon footprint occurs after purchase. It is important to put care and thought into how you buy and maintain your wardrobe. A great way to pass on and extend the life cycle of clothing is to purchase gender non-specific items. After you’ve curated your closet, here are some suggestions for cleaning garments and keeping them in tiptop shape:


When purchasing clothes, most consumers consult the care labels within the garment, however, care labels tend to be outdated and instruct you that a garment is "Dry Clean Only", when it isn't. With the current technology of washers, the majority of garments can be machine washed and hang dried. 

Energy Star estimates that almost 90% of energy used when washing clothes goes to heating water. Only wash as needed. Use front load washers and wash on cold. Using cold water saves 80-90% of energy expended and helps clothes last longer.  

Fun fact: You can whiten whites with lemon juice instead of harmful bleach. Add  ½ a cup to 1 cup of lemon juice directly on your clothing in the washer during the rinse cycle.


Hang and line dry can eliminate 1400 pounds of greenhouse gases per person annually. An extra perk to this is that the sun’s UV rays will kill bacteria left on your clothes after washing.

If you do use a dryer skip the dryer sheets and try natural dryer balls. Also, remove clothing from the dryer before cycle ends to minimize the amount of electricity used.

Other Methods

  • If something needs to be dry cleaned opt for green/organic dry cleaners (be sure to ask if PERC is used).  
  • If only one part of a garment is soiled, spot clean it instead of washing the whole garment.

How often should i wash...?

  • T-shirts: every 1-2 wears
  • Coats & jackets: once per season
  • Underwear & socks: after every wear
  • Pajamas: every 4 wears
  • Workout clothes: (high impact) every wear, (lower impact) every few wears
  • Wool & cashmere sweaters: every 10 wears by washing at home and line drying or green dry cleaning
  • Denim: twice a year, or when they smart to smell. Between washes, bag them up and put them in your freezer for 24-48 hours to kill bacteria and odors.

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