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Our Mission

The Alley is a women-run vintage and secondhand shop for clothing & accessories. We value inclusivity, style, and sustainability above all else. The fashion industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world; our mission is to help our conscious consumers counteract fast fashion by sharing ways to ethically care for clothing and consider the people and process that goes into the production of the clothes we buy. Our customers of all sizes, shapes, and genders can shop affordable curated items sourced from all around the world that fit their busy, creative lifestyles.


Who We Are


Ever since Sam was in elementary school she dreamed of working in fashion and someday running her own boutique. Her environmentalist father raised her to be conscious of the effects humans have on the environment, so building a 100% sustainable business also became a part of her plan. Sam spent years working different jobs within the fashion industry, but became increasingly overwhelmed by how expensive and inaccessible vintage clothing had become. She began handpicking classic, creative and lively pieces from all over the world two years before her friend Greer pushed her to get working on The Alley.  Sam hired Greer as her second-in-command. Between Sam’s extensive experience and Greer’s Master’s in Literature they believe one of the best ways for people to narrate their lives is through style, so they have developed an affordable collection to fit their customers’ creative lifestyles. 


Our Team


Ayaka Terakawa


Visual storyteller, creative thrifter, turns chaos into art

Favorite place to be: Trader Joe’s

IG: @ayakateal



Richard LAPHAM

Web developer & product photographer 

Inventive, dog-lover, interactive technologist

Favorite place to be: Up in the clouds.

IG: @richardlap


Taryn Tavormina


Strongly opinionated, stylistic vigilante, most likely to network at a funeral

Favorite place to be: Any coffee shop that feels like Paris...or any coffee shop to be honest.  

IG: @teetav


ADriana Cristal

Illustrator and logo designer

Erratic, spazzy, Tasmanian devil, organized 

Favorite place to be: Any hammock anywhere

IG: @acristalgirl